Health Care


Otherwise called “Medical expenses” Accedium Insurance Company Ltd has wide international experience in the field of Health Care Insurance. Accedium Insurance Company Ltd personnel designed a comprehensive Health Care programme for the Saudi Market. Our personnel are undertaking similar studies for clients in several emerging markets.

From the feasibility study stage, right the way through to design and implement Accedium Insurance Company Ltd specialists are widely acknowledged experts.

The administration of Health Care Insurance programmes is vital. Our TPA expertise is second to none.


Critical Care

This cover will cover life and/or critical illness as stated below:
Covered Critical Illness: Alzheimer’s Disease; Blindness; Life Threatening Cancer; Deafness; Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction); Major Organ Transplant; Motor Neuron Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; Paralysis; Parkinson’s Disease; Renal Failure; Stroke; First Coronary Angioplasty (surgical treatment); First Coronary Artery Bypass (surgical treatment); First Carcinoma in Situ.   Accidental Death coverage is also available for non us-residences only.