Accedium Insurance Company Limited is a multiline insurer/reinsurer.

The company provides a Broad range of insurance products, including most classes of general insurance. In addition the company underwrites specialist insurances including term life and critical illness insurance. Accedium Insurance Company Ltd engages in short tail reinsurance Business. Facultative reinsurance and risk excess of loss are areas in which Accedium Insurance Company Ltd provides support to ceding companies in many parts of the world.

We provide surety bonds, insurance and reinsurance to many major industries including, but not limited to, construction, mining, refining, airline and power generation companies seeking to finance large scale projects.


Accedium's key advantage is it's experience in differing world markets due in the main to the experience of it's Directors who have vast experience in working in markets such as United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Far East and South East Asia, including China, South America and the USA. Bringing together this experience under one company gives Accedium's clients access to this wealth of knowledge.


Accedium provides expert, timely and impartial risk mitigation and management advice to international business. Utilising its global experience it will provide flexible, bespoke bonds to meet the exacting needs of all clients.  Accedium is able to provide surety bonds and surety guarantees to cover all areas of risk and levels of cover.