Accedium’s key advantage is its expertise in differing markets. Its product range spans the securities markets, the institutional capital markets, the insurance markets and the many alternative investment markets. Accedium has the ability to combine products from all areas to generate solid underwriting profitability. All products are developed with a view to both risk and return. Risk measures applied to the product embrace the latest ART and VAR techniques and state of the art Monte Carlo simulations as well as the newly developed Omega measure.

Because Accedium is not limited to just one market, like the more traditional financial firms (up until recently a ‘Chinese Wall’ existed between banking and securities firms) it can combine insurance products from all markets to include non-standard markets to develop new structures with the underlying object gleaning arbitrage from the markets.

Accedium provides expert, timely and impartial risk mitigation and management advice to international business. Utilising its global experience it will provide flexible, bespoke cover to meet the exacting needs of all clients.  Accedium is able to provide surety bonds and guarantees to cover all areas of risk and levels of cover.